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Hoffman Pro Systems is Spokane's largest full service Professional Audio & Lighting Facility in Eastern Washington providing retail Audio/Video, Sales, Rental, and Commercial Design & Installation.  Our brand new 8,000 square foot location offers the finest selection of Pro Audio/Lighting products in the area, featuring the industries major brands along with a professional and knowledgeable staff.  The HPS Commercial A/V Design and Installation team was assembled in 2006 and has since designed and installed A/V systems for The Davenport Grand Hotel, Whitworth University, INB Performing Arts Center, Bing Crosby Theater as well as countless Houses of Worship throughout Eastern Washington. HPS has a complete Audio Rental department to suit almost any need, from a small PA to a complete professional sound system.  The rental department also offers a fleet of backline rental instruments amplifiers and accessories. We take pride in our ability to solve problems, and provide excellent customer service, before during and after the sale.

Commercial Pro Sound System and Video Installations (Licensed & Bonded)

For any sized sound & video integration project, we offer "turn-key" solutions.  Our smart system design software will use a minimal amount of product to produce the best sonic results of any room, facility, or arena. This will efficiently stretch
your sound & video budget, without sacrificing quality.

Completed Hoffman Pro Systems Sound & Video Installations in Spokane and surrounding areas include:

Spokane Arena, The Bing Crosby Theater, Avista Stadium, The Davenport Grand Hotel, INB Arts Center, Joe Albi Stadium, Kroc Center, Fairchild Airforce Base,
Garland Theater, Spokane Convention Center, Spokane Fairgrounds, Life Center Church, EWU Showalter Hall, CDA Casino, The Observatory Music Venue, Spokane Comedy Club, Deer Park Bowling, East Point Church, First Church of the Nazarene, Faith Bible Church, Colville First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, Fourth Memorial Church, Garland Church and "your name here".

Some of our most common solutions for sound system and video applications you may find useful include:

Acoustical Treatment

Acoustical Treatment Spokane Audio Systems and Sound

 One of the most common problems in a given room is the reverberation time leading to hearing fatigue and intelligibility issues. Unfortunately this is commonly an overlooked or forgotten step in making
your room sound the best it can. Using our 3D modeling software and knowledge in room acoustics we can evaluate your room, and give you the best options for making your room perform to its fullest potential. 

Room Remodeling

Spokane Sound Room Remodeling

 Not only is our 3D modeling software used for acoustical analysis, it's most common and highlighted feature is providing information on a given speaker and how it will perform in your environment.  Almost all major speaker manufacturers provide data on nearly all of their speaker models (even discontinued models you may already have installed) so we can accurately visualize for you and
ourselves a comparison of your current speaker(s)coverage and how well a proposed new speaker will cover your audience areas. It also allows us precise measurements and angles for installation so that you have the most accurate and finest, quality install available. 

EQ your Room


 Equalizing your room using high quality reference microphones and pink noise generating software has become more common place than the old EQ by ear method employed by sound technicians for
decades. EQ (equalizing) is the act of balancing (or flattening) the frequency output of your speakers with the response of your room to get the flattest system response
possible. We have years of experience as well as advanced measurement and reference equipment to measure the output of the speakers, as well as response of the room. 

Digital Signal Processor "DSP"


 A DSP is a small but powerful device that replaces a multitude of expensive analog equipment. DSP's come in many sizes and input/output capabilities. A DSP incorporates signal routing, equalization, speaker protection and dynamic control, while eliminating unauthorized use. This important piece of equipment ensures that the system works properly and the same way every time it is powered on. 

Digital Mixers


 A Digital Mixer may sound big and intimidating; and while some can be more difficult to operate, it has become more and more commonplace to see this as an easy decision and a perfect solution for a wide variety of venues. Whether you have a small church with multiple groups using your room or a large concert venue with many different bands rotating through, a digital mixer for
your size and budget can be found to fit your needs. Most often they include hundreds to
unlimited saving possibilities to store, and recall memory settings. Most have built in
dynamic control on every channel, as well as fully recallable channel settings. The
Digital Mixer can be a very powerful tool that makes your venue of rotating/sharing
groups or technicians easier to operate. 

Application Specific Training


 Whether you have an existing system that you need a refresher course on, a specific piece of equipment, or a brand new system; we can train you on the operation, set up, and maintenance of your equipment. We have over 100 years of combined sound system experience, that can help you achieve your learning and operational goals. 

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